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With Premiere Gold Parties you can host a gold party in any city or state in the country! Below please see a small sampling of the cities in which we have a vibrant presence!

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Arizona Gold Party Hosts

Atlanta, GA Gold Parties

Atlanta, GA Gold Party Hosts

Boca Raton, FL Gold Parties

California Gold Party Hosts

Chicago, IL Gold Party Hosts

Connecticut Gold Party Hosts

Dallas, TX Gold Party Hosts

Florida Gold Parties

Florida Gold Party Hosts

Frederick, MD Gold Party Hosts

Georgia Gold Party Hosts

Houston, TX Gold Party Hosts

Long Island Gold Parties

Los Angeles, CA Gold Party Hosts

Louisiana Gold Party Hosts

Miami, FL Gold Parties

Nevada Gold Party Hosts

New Jersey Gold Parties

New Jersey Gold Party Hosts

New York Gold Parties

San Antonio, TX Gold Party Hosts

San Bernardino, CA Gold Party Hosts

San Diego, CA Gold Party Hosts

San Francisco, CA Gold Party Hosts

South Carolina Gold Party Hosts

Wilmington, NC Gold Party Hosts

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Whether you live in one of the above cities or live elsewhere, we'd be happy to work with you in throwing a gold party! Contact us today for more information. As America's #1 choice for Gold Parties, Premiere Gold Parties guarantees a highly enjoyable, fun, and completely satisfactory experience! Call us at (800) 748-0280!

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Hi Joyce, I just wanted to tell you that, although we had a small group, we had such a good time at my Gold Party last night. My husband and I felt that Eric did such a great job and even my 13-year-old son was so impressed with the whole process and enjoyed being ''taught'' by Eric. I would love to schedule another party for mid-January and if possible, request Eric again.

                 --Karen R., New York


So Successful,
We Did It Twice!

When the members of Congregation BethSo Successful, We Did It Twice David wanted to throw a successful fundraiser, they contact Premiere Gold Parties. The party was such a huge fundraising success they decided to do it again with an Encore Party!

Raise Money For Your Favorite Charity!

Premiere Gold Parties has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities across the country! With our team of professional Gold Party Planners, planning your next fundraiser is as simple as picking a date and letting us handle the rest!

Premiere Gold Parties Premiere Gold Parties
Premiere Gold Parties
Premiere Gold Parties Premiere Gold Parties
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