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The Perfect Diamond Shape For You
By admin May 3rd, 2012

Diamonds have a long and rich history. They have been around for billions of years, but it is only in the last few hundred years that they have become the ‘most  beautiful and desired gem’.  Because they were very rare, diamond buyers were the wealthy from the 1600’s to the mid 1800’s. As luck would have it, there was a large diamond mine discovered in the 1860s and others made diamonds more abundant. Now they are available to almost anyone who wants a timeless beauty of their own.

emerald cut diamond ringemerald cut eternity ringround cut diamond ring
There are many different shapes to choose from:

Round: the most traditional and most popular.  It is what people think of as the classic diamond, with all its sparkle and brilliance, owing to the  ‘fabulous 57’ facets, presented in a never ending circle.

Princess: a popular newer shape has similar brilliance in a lovely square cut that brings out the diamond’s’ fire and scintillation.

Emerald: a classic beauty, has a rectangular shape  with step  diamond cutting that makes your fingers look amazingly long and lean. We must not forget the timeless beauty of another step cut  that has recently come  back from long ago.

Asscher: a square cut stone with cropped corners that has been selected by the rich and
famous for its extraordinary look of luxury.

Oval: looks like an elongated round stone which has an appealing little bow tie in the center. This versatile look can be worn either north to south the more traditional way, or east to west for a very modern take.

Pear: very close to the look of a teardrop with a voluptuous full rounded top and a long and lean taper ending in a point.

Marquise: the longest of all the shapes; it will lengthen the look of your hands.  With lean and tapered points on both ends it gives the appearance of a larger diamond without the cost.

Cushion: one of the oldest and beautiful diamond cuts. It has been around for more than a century with a new audience. The rounded square shape has an antique look for those who want a unique gem.

The perfect stone is the one with the most appeal to you.  Remember you can have more than one shape that will fit you and your lifestyle.  But there may have been a time in your life when you were given or bought a piece of jewelry that you either never wore, or fell out of love with. In these times there is an easy way of clearing out what you don’t need or want anymore. Selling jewelry for cash is a smart way to replace your old diamond cut with a new one (and save money doing so)!


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Spring Into a Gold Party!
By admin April 6th, 2012

flowers gold partySpring is around the corner, what better way to celebrate Spring than with a good Spring cleaning followed by a relaxing Spring party!!  When the weather starts warming up, you know it’s time for an annual Spring cleaning.  With a Spring Gold party, you can celebrate the beginning of Spring as well as make some extra cash (just in time for summer vacation!).  For the next following weeks, pick out a sunny day on the weekend to host your Welcome to Spring Gold party.  Check out these cool tips, party ideas and themes for your Spring Gold party.

1. Pick a Reputable Gold Party Host:

Take care of the behind the scenes aspect of your party by picking out a dependable and trustworthy “My Gold Party” host.  There are usually a couple different gold party hosts for each major city.  Do your research and compare and contrast before deciding on one.

2. Pick out a Party Theme:

Pick out a theme for your party.  Often times people like to incorporate the outdoors for their Spring party by either hosting the party outdoors or incorporating floral decor and arrangements inside.  Some like to host a costume party, a tea party, or a holiday themed party.  There’s absolutely no wrong or right theme–as long as everyone’s having fun!

3. Spring Finger Food:

my gold partyUsually for home gold parties, the host throwing the party will provide food and drinks not included in the Gold buyer hosting package.  This means you will have to decide just how much you want to spend on your guests.  Some prefer to stick with simple finger foods: cupcakes, chips, salsa, etc.  While some prefer to make it extravagant: cocktail drinks, hor d’oeuvres, wine and cheese and so forth.  If you’re feeling extremely hospitable, go big and spoil your guests!

Gold parties are perfect for Springtime.  You can knock out two birds with one stone by hosting your Spring party and your gold party all at once!  Home gold parties are great for family and friends, even if they aren’t interested in selling gold.  For most gold parties, the gold party host will buy your gold towards the beginning of the party while he/she has everyone’s undivided attention.  The real party starts after everyone’s a few hundred dollars richer after selling their gold scraps and jewelry!


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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Wedding Rings
By admin March 27th, 2012

Now that you were able to convince your girl, and her parents, to marry you, the biggest obstacle left would be what wedding ring to buy. If you are the type of guy who believes in the role symbolism in marriage, then you will definitely have to spend time choosing which of the many types of rings suits you and your partner. Choosing a wedding ring can be overwhelming, not to mention stressful. This is because the ring will be the lifetime symbol of the commitment you promise to keep to your partner. Adding to the pressure is the fact that your partner will always show the ring off to family and friends.

There are endless choices, from diamond wedding bands to gold wedding rings. This article will help make things easier for you.

Basic Tips for Men

For a lot of men, buying an engagement ring is their first and sometimes only experience related to jewelry. When they enter a store, they are flooded with different styles that are alien to them. What is an eternity band? What is a Tiffany setting? The concepts are mind-blowing to the innocent lover. What are diamond wedding bands?

If you are one of these men, our advice is for you to take it one step at a time. Start with setting a budget. Having a budget will make things easier for you and the jeweller. If you have established a budget, the jeweller will show you rings that are within your capacity to pay. That will eliminate the hassle of choosing from a pile of rings available for sale.

A budget also has practical reasons for you. Unless you are Bill Gates, you cannot just buy any ring that catches your fancy. You have your wedding to think of too. Buying a ring that is worth your two-month salary is simply insane. If you have a budget, stick with the amount. Forget about the ring that your partner will surely love but is way above your budget. Your partner will understand it.

Surprise Your Partner

There are men who take their girlfriends to the store to pick the ring themselves. While this has some practical reasons, you are denying yourself and your partner the once-in-a-lifetime chance of showing to her how romance is important to you. There’s nothing more romantic that surprising your girl with the ring in the middle of dinner.

But it is really all up to you. Whether they are diamond wedding bands or other types of rings, you must balance your choice between practicality and romance.


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Which Party Makes More Money? Gold Party, Designer Jeans Party, or Makeup Party
By admin March 14th, 2012

What do designer jeans, makeup, and gold all have in common?  You can host a party and make money off of them!  If you have been to a designer jeans party, makeup party, or gold party, you know how fun and lucrative they can be.  Though most of the attendees are women, men are often able to accompany their lady to any one of these parties.

For anyone who is seriously considering hosting a party and making money, just be sure to stay clear of companies that aren’t reputable.  Not all parties will guarantee a profit.  Learn about each kind of party before you decide which party to throw.  And as always, have fun, but be smart about who you choose to host your party with!

My Gold Party:

Gold parties are becoming more and more common for good reason.  With the increase of gold in value, people are more willing to sell their scrap gold.  Host home gold parties if you know you and your friends have the intent on selling gold.  The only way to profit from a gold party is for people to not only bring in gold items, but also for people to want to sell their gold. Not all gold buyers will offer you the same value for your gold.  Avoid

gold party

gold party scams by hosting with a reputable gold buyer.  Prior to deciding which company to host with, you should ask them what percentage you will be receiving as a host and how much they offer for gold based on weight.  Some companies will try to rip you off, giving you only 20-30% of what the gold is actually worth.  However there are also plenty of reputable gold buyers who will offer you profitable value for your unwanted gold.  Gold parties are a good idea for incorporating both men and women!


Designer Jeans Party:

Designer jeans parties are common for college students and young adults (people who are more drawn to designer labels).  Since the demographics for designer jeans party is younger, the companies behind these parties

makeup party

are often scams.  For example, it isn’t uncommon for designer jeans parties to offer fake designer jeans.  Students and younger individuals are more naïve when it comes to discerning what’s real and what’s fake.  They think they are getting a good deal when in reality they are being duped.  If the price they are offering seems too good to be true, then odds are they aren’t real.

Makeup Party:

Many women enjoy attending and hosting makeup parties.  The three most common parties are with Avon, Mark, and Mary Kay.  Usually, there is no doubt that these major companies are reputable.  Stay away from cosmetic brands that you haven’t heard of.  If you wouldn’t buy makeup from a sketchy company, then you wouldn’t sell that makeup to your friends.  However with most of these makeup parties, you will have to pay a small fee to use the makeup that they provide.  Have friends who are frequent makeup buyers?  Then a makeup party could net you a profit!



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Secrets and Tips in Turning Gold into Cash
By admin March 11th, 2012

The cash for gold industry has seen a record-breaking growth in the past few years. Everyone seems to be on the hunt for the next gold item to buy, and people are just too happy to let go of their old jewelry for quick cash.

If there’s anything to blame for this sudden interest in scrap jewelry, it’s the price of gold itself, which now runs at $1,700 an ounce. But let’s pause for a while and take a really good look at who really gets the best deal here. Let’s do that by doing away with the glamour and glitz that come with the industry and focusing on the nitty-gritty of things.

Three Reputable Ways of Selling Your Jewelry

  • You can sell your jewelry through online dealers, who are enjoying wide popularity these days. You only need to visit their website and you are in.
  • You can also sell your jewelry to the traditional dealers, which are the brick-and-mortar pawnshops.
  • Lastly, you can go straight to a refinery

Which of These Three Methods Are Best For You

  1. Online Dealers And BuyersThe system used by online dealers is what the Internet technology called “user-friendly.” All you need to do is visit their website, get the information posted on their pages, order a free gold mailing kit and then send them your jewelry. When they receive your jewelry, they will appraise the items for you and offer you a price. If you agree with the price, the deal is on. If you don’t, they will send you back your jewelry. The drawback here is the timeframe. The whole process takes three weeks to a month, not ideal if you want quick cash for gold.
  2. Local Jewelers And PawnshopsThis has been the method used for decades, long before the arrival of the Internet. Until now, there are still people who go to pawnshops for their jewerly. The reason is that local dealers are more familiar with the fair market value at present better than anybody else, including the online dealers. They are the ones in the middle of the jewelry industry and they assume responsibility of the jewelry items you bring in. They are the veterans, so to speak.
  3. RefineriesThis is the fastest cash for gold method available to you. This is doing away with all those middlemen and going straight to where the jewelry really go. That will save you a lot of time and money.
61-21 Springfield Blvd
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

Toll Free: (866) 558-CASH
Fax: (516) 513-0270


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Gold Parties: Things You Need To Know About Gold Parties
By admin February 20th, 2012

gold partiesIn times like these when extra cash is so difficult to come by, what better way to earn a few bucks fast and easy by attending gold parties?  Selling your gold at a gold party may get you fast cash, but if you don’t know about the basic facts when it comes to your gold or how a gold party is done, you may end up losing money in the long run. People who have been to a gold party swear some gold buyers at parties offer much lower prices for your gold than other local competitors. A gold chain, for example, that you bought at $250 will only get a highest bid of $130.  An offer like that isn’t just bad business practice, it’s practically like stealing from from someone in their own homes.  To prevent a situation like this from happening, learn about the basics of a gold party.

Even though some gold parties are not to be trust, this does not mean ALL  gold parties are not meant to be trusted. There are some parties that will really offer you very competitive offers. The first step is to choose a party that is organized by a reputable company.  Do your research.  Pick a company that has had a good amount of positive reviews from other friends or other positive reviews from public listings. They may be very rare these days but they are there if you know where to look. In the meantime, here are some important tips to keep in mind before attending a gold selling party.

What Exactly Is a Gold Party

It is simply a group of friends, neighbors and or office buddies gathering over food and drinks.  A professional sales representative will be there to look at and give out offers for pieces of gold items. It can be an open house party or it can be an exclusive gathering of close friends. The professional gold buyer will appraise the gold items of the guests and buy on the spot if both parties decide on an agreed price.  Make sure that this professional comes from a legitimate gold buying company and has the most knowledge when it comes to gold and other precious gems.  Ask the representing professional a couple of questions before you and your friends get started with the gold party.  It is always better to be over informed than to be under informed.  Ask for their credentials, how many gold parties they have done, and so forth!

Who Can Host a Gold Party?

If you volunteer to be the party host, you have the potential to earn a ten percent commission on the proceeds of the night. For example, if the gold buying company, as represented by the professional appraiser present in the party, pays a total of $4,000 to the guests, as the host you can get $400 as commission payout. The gold buying company will provide you with a kit as your guide in hosting the party. You don’t even have to spend for anything, except maybe for the power bills and the refreshments for the night. Sometimes, the company will even offer to shoulder the expenses for food.  Aside from the ten percent commission, you as a host will also receive a referral fee for a party that has been organized as a consequence of your having organized the first party.


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Gold Parties: A Scam? Definitely Not!
By admin February 5th, 2012

People who say gold parties are scam haven’t been to one. Selling your gold at a gold party is in fact one of the most favored way to make money out of your precious jewelry. This article will tell you why.

Gold’s price is continuously increasing despite the uncertain economic situation. In fact, gold has shown resilience to the serious effects of the economic crisis. This phenomenon has attracted interest in this valuable metal. Companies and individuals buying gold are sprouting from nowhere, advertising to purchase your old and broken pieces of gold jewelry.

Wherever you go, there are always people advertising their desire to buy your gold. You can find gold buyers at the mall, at fairs and bazaars, at bargain sales, and on sidewalks. And most recently, another way to sell your gold fast and easy is through attending gold parties.

But the biggest question in people’s mind is if all these companies and individuals are not only out to rip you off of your precious jewelry. It’s true that there are always people who are involved in gold buying scams. But you can protect yourself from being victimized by these people by learning about the gold buying industry. Even gold parties are not spared from scams. But one scam gold party doesn’t make the other parties scams also.

How Advertisements Can Fool You

Beware of companies advertising themselves on TV. If you have noticed, they don’t state how much they pay you per gram of your gold. They only persuade you to mail them your gold. Once they have your gold, they appraise its value and offer you a price. Most often, the price they offer is way much lower than your gold’s actual market price. The problem here is that no matter how you negotiate, your gold is no longer in your possession. At the same time, you don’t have the cash for your gold yet. This leaves you in a compromised position.

Your gold’s price per gram differs significantly from one company to another. It will be difficult to find a company that gives you the full market value of your gold. This is because these companies will also sell your gold to another buyer, so they have to leave a wide margin of profit for themselves.

Attending A Gold Party

If you attend a gold party, you will not have to worry about these things. At gold parties, you are eliminating the shipment aspect of the transaction, and you get cash for gold right there and then. Also, gold party companies offer much higher value for your gold.


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Eternity Ring: A Symbol Of Everlasting Love
By admin February 2nd, 2012

Yellow Gold Eternity RingsEternity rings – whether yellow gold eternity rings, white gold, or any kind of gemstone – are a perfect symbol of a couple’s love for each other. An eternity ring is usually given to a loved one to celebrate a special occasion, such as the birth of a firstborn, an anniversary and other special events.

But an eternity ring is not actually limited to a particular occasion. If an eternity ring is a symbol of love, then it can be given to a loved one to celebrate any type kind of event, or even if there’s no occasion at all. The ring can be made of any type of stone, or may come in any design, how the eternity looks is actually secondary to its real reason for being, which is to show how much a lover means to another.

Eternity rings, like the yellow gold eternity rings, for example, come in settings. These settings determine the way an eternity ring looks and its price. Here are some of the settings commonly used for eternity rings.

Full Settings

This type of setting has the stones placed all the way around the band. This makes a full setting because the stones placed all around it make the band so thick for comfort. Manufacturing this type of eternity ring is also time-consuming because the stones that are used are pretty small. Full settings are difficult to size also, that’s why they have to be custom-made. And because of the number of stones placed around the band, full eternity rings are the most expensive of all, which means they are still the most preferred gift items among the more moneyed customers.

Half Settings

As its name suggests, the half-setting type only have their precious stones across just half of the band’s face. This makes half-setting eternity rings easier to create and easier to size. And since the stones are not placed all around the band, half-setting eternity rings are more comfortable to wear.

Stone Choice

Diamond is the stone most commonly used for eternity rings. But other stones are popular too. That’s why you have yellow gold eternity rings. Eternity rings that have rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are also becoming popular. The stones’ shape is as important as the type of stone. The most preferred shapes are square, oblong and round. But it is actually the rectangular- or round-cut stones that are ideal for eternity rings because they are easier to set.



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Pawning Gold for Extra Cash
By admin September 13th, 2011

Even though holding a gold party is the best way to help your friends or family make extra money from gold. Pawning items made of precious metals is a good way for you or your family to get some extra cash.


There are a lot of advantages to pawn loans that you may not be aware of. These advantages include:


  • Pawn loans are not reported to credit bureaus so they do not affect your credit score.


  • If you do not repay a pawn loan you will not be reported to a credit bureau or hounded by debt collectors.


  • Pawn loans will not be taken out of future paychecks or benefit checks like payday loans.


  • The amount of other loans or credit card charges you have will not affect the amount you can borrow in a pawn loan.


  • You can get pawn loans on jewelry and other items that you do not use.


  • The amount you can borrow against gold items is fairly so you can get a lot of extra cash for them these days.


  • You can get pawn loans instantly or quickly.


  • Since funds pawn loan funds can be paid directly to you they cannot be garnished.


  • Money borrowed from a pawnbroker is a loan so it does not have to be reported as taxable income.


How to Get a Gold Pawn Loan

If you are seeking a pawn loan it is best to seek out a family owned pawnshop that specializes in jewelry and precious metals lending. Such a shop will give you more money and is more likely to give an accurate assessment of your object’s value. They can also tell you if you can get more money by selling the item.


These shops also buy gemstones, diamonds, silver and platinum. So bring in all of your items to see what you can get for them. Remember any item made out of a precious metal such as gold can be pawned.


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Opportunities Created by High Gold Prices
By admin September 7th, 2011

The well-publicized gold bubble – the high prices being paid for precious metals has created many opportunities for average people to make extra cash. A person can sell objects made from gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals to a buyer.


This can be done through a store, an online service or a buying event at a hotel or motel. There are many places that a person can get such items assessed in communities like Astoria, NY. Buyers in large urban areas like Queens often pay higher prices for silver and other precious metals than those in other cities. Persons traveling to New York for business or pleasure should definitely consider selling their items while they are in the Big Apple.


How You can Cash in On the Gold Boom

There is also a way that a person who does not have any jewelry, coins or other values can cash in on the gold bubble. Anybody can host their own gold-buying event in their home or a public place.


These events are called gold parties and they are a great way to make extra cash and help the people in your community. Your friends, neighbors, coworkers and others can come and bring their values and sell them. You collect a percentage of the profits made from the buying and selling at the event.


The best part of a gold party is that there is not little or no cost to you. The companies that put these events on will pay for everything including the buyer, the cash, and even the refreshments. All you have to do is find a place to throw it and invite the people you know.


It is far better than network marketing, Amway or Tupperware because people take no risk and can actually make some money. You can even throw one to benefit your child’s school, your house of worship, your favorite charity or your child’s sports league. A gold-gold buying party can be a great benefit for a person or family that is sick or has suffered a tragedy.


Everybody can profit from the gold-bubble if they move quickly because the bubble will end and prices will fall sooner or later. They can do so without taking risks on their own.


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