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Opportunities Created by High Gold Prices

The well-publicized gold bubble – the high prices being paid for precious metals has created many opportunities for average people to make extra cash. A person can sell objects made from gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals to a buyer.


This can be done through a store, an online service or a buying event at a hotel or motel. There are many places that a person can get such items assessed in communities like Astoria, NY. Buyers in large urban areas like Queens often pay higher prices for silver and other precious metals than those in other cities. Persons traveling to New York for business or pleasure should definitely consider selling their items while they are in the Big Apple.


How You can Cash in On the Gold Boom

There is also a way that a person who does not have any jewelry, coins or other values can cash in on the gold bubble. Anybody can host their own gold-buying event in their home or a public place.


These events are called gold parties and they are a great way to make extra cash and help the people in your community. Your friends, neighbors, coworkers and others can come and bring their values and sell them. You collect a percentage of the profits made from the buying and selling at the event.


The best part of a gold party is that there is not little or no cost to you. The companies that put these events on will pay for everything including the buyer, the cash, and even the refreshments. All you have to do is find a place to throw it and invite the people you know.


It is far better than network marketing, Amway or Tupperware because people take no risk and can actually make some money. You can even throw one to benefit your child’s school, your house of worship, your favorite charity or your child’s sports league. A gold-gold buying party can be a great benefit for a person or family that is sick or has suffered a tragedy.


Everybody can profit from the gold-bubble if they move quickly because the bubble will end and prices will fall sooner or later. They can do so without taking risks on their own.

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Hi Joyce, I just wanted to tell you that, although we had a small group, we had such a good time at my Gold Party last night. My husband and I felt that Eric did such a great job and even my 13-year-old son was so impressed with the whole process and enjoyed being ''taught'' by Eric. I would love to schedule another party for mid-January and if possible, request Eric again.

                 --Karen R., New York

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I was a little hesitant at first and didn't know what to expect, but I’m so glad I got over my initial hesitation! My friends had a great time and I made over $1,800.00 in a night!

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