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Gold Parties: A Scam? Definitely Not!

People who say gold parties are scam haven’t been to one. Selling your gold at a gold party is in fact one of the most favored way to make money out of your precious jewelry. This article will tell you why.

Gold’s price is continuously increasing despite the uncertain economic situation. In fact, gold has shown resilience to the serious effects of the economic crisis. This phenomenon has attracted interest in this valuable metal. Companies and individuals buying gold are sprouting from nowhere, advertising to purchase your old and broken pieces of gold jewelry.

Wherever you go, there are always people advertising their desire to buy your gold. You can find gold buyers at the mall, at fairs and bazaars, at bargain sales, and on sidewalks. And most recently, another way to sell your gold fast and easy is through attending gold parties.

But the biggest question in people’s mind is if all these companies and individuals are not only out to rip you off of your precious jewelry. It’s true that there are always people who are involved in gold buying scams. But you can protect yourself from being victimized by these people by learning about the gold buying industry. Even gold parties are not spared from scams. But one scam gold party doesn’t make the other parties scams also.

How Advertisements Can Fool You

Beware of companies advertising themselves on TV. If you have noticed, they don’t state how much they pay you per gram of your gold. They only persuade you to mail them your gold. Once they have your gold, they appraise its value and offer you a price. Most often, the price they offer is way much lower than your gold’s actual market price. The problem here is that no matter how you negotiate, your gold is no longer in your possession. At the same time, you don’t have the cash for your gold yet. This leaves you in a compromised position.

Your gold’s price per gram differs significantly from one company to another. It will be difficult to find a company that gives you the full market value of your gold. This is because these companies will also sell your gold to another buyer, so they have to leave a wide margin of profit for themselves.

Attending A Gold Party

If you attend a gold party, you will not have to worry about these things. At gold parties, you are eliminating the shipment aspect of the transaction, and you get cash for gold right there and then. Also, gold party companies offer much higher value for your gold.

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