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Pawning Gold for Extra Cash
By admin September 13th, 2011

Even though holding a gold party is the best way to help your friends or family make extra money from gold. Pawning items made of precious metals is a good way for you or your family to get some extra cash.


There are a lot of advantages to pawn loans that you may not be aware of. These advantages include:


  • Pawn loans are not reported to credit bureaus so they do not affect your credit score.


  • If you do not repay a pawn loan you will not be reported to a credit bureau or hounded by debt collectors.


  • Pawn loans will not be taken out of future paychecks or benefit checks like payday loans.


  • The amount of other loans or credit card charges you have will not affect the amount you can borrow in a pawn loan.


  • You can get pawn loans on jewelry and other items that you do not use.


  • The amount you can borrow against gold items is fairly so you can get a lot of extra cash for them these days.


  • You can get pawn loans instantly or quickly.


  • Since funds pawn loan funds can be paid directly to you they cannot be garnished.


  • Money borrowed from a pawnbroker is a loan so it does not have to be reported as taxable income.


How to Get a Gold Pawn Loan

If you are seeking a pawn loan it is best to seek out a family owned pawnshop that specializes in jewelry and precious metals lending. Such a shop will give you more money and is more likely to give an accurate assessment of your object’s value. They can also tell you if you can get more money by selling the item.


These shops also buy gemstones, diamonds, silver and platinum. So bring in all of your items to see what you can get for them. Remember any item made out of a precious metal such as gold can be pawned.

Opportunities Created by High Gold Prices
By admin September 7th, 2011

The well-publicized gold bubble – the high prices being paid for precious metals has created many opportunities for average people to make extra cash. A person can sell objects made from gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals to a buyer.


This can be done through a store, an online service or a buying event at a hotel or motel. There are many places that a person can get such items assessed in communities like Astoria, NY. Buyers in large urban areas like Queens often pay higher prices for silver and other precious metals than those in other cities. Persons traveling to New York for business or pleasure should definitely consider selling their items while they are in the Big Apple.


How You can Cash in On the Gold Boom

There is also a way that a person who does not have any jewelry, coins or other values can cash in on the gold bubble. Anybody can host their own gold-buying event in their home or a public place.


These events are called gold parties and they are a great way to make extra cash and help the people in your community. Your friends, neighbors, coworkers and others can come and bring their values and sell them. You collect a percentage of the profits made from the buying and selling at the event.


The best part of a gold party is that there is not little or no cost to you. The companies that put these events on will pay for everything including the buyer, the cash, and even the refreshments. All you have to do is find a place to throw it and invite the people you know.


It is far better than network marketing, Amway or Tupperware because people take no risk and can actually make some money. You can even throw one to benefit your child’s school, your house of worship, your favorite charity or your child’s sports league. A gold-gold buying party can be a great benefit for a person or family that is sick or has suffered a tragedy.


Everybody can profit from the gold-bubble if they move quickly because the bubble will end and prices will fall sooner or later. They can do so without taking risks on their own.

A Unique Business Opportunity Created by Gold Prices
By admin August 28th, 2011

Many people need extra cash in today’s economy but they don’t have it. To make matters many sources of extra cash including part time jobs, tips, e-bay auctions, garage sales and part time businesses are drying up. In many cases, garage sales and part time businesses flop because our friends and neighbors simply do not have the cash to spend at them.


Well there is one kind of part time business that seems to be doing very well in this economy: gold parties. Such a party is an informal gathering where a person hosts a gold buyer in his or her home or a public place. People bring valuables the buyer evaluates them and offers cash for them.


The party’s host gets a cut of the profit and takes no risk by hosting it because the gold-buying company runs the party. It pays for everything including the buyer and the refreshments. All a person needs to provide to host a gold party is a place to hold the event and a group of people with stuff to sell. Today’s gold prices guarantee that most people who come with gold will walk out with some cash.


Neither the host nor the sellers take any risk because they are under no obligation to accept the buyer’s offer. The host puts up no money and takes no risk so it is the perfect part time business opportunity. If it does not work out you don’t have to host one again. If it works you can do it again and make some more cash.


Best of all you have an opportunity to help your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Almost everybody has valuables they don’t want lying around the house or taking up space in safety deposit boxes. Now with the high price of gold many companies are buying gold because the demand is higher than ever.


And it’s not just gold that they are buying. Other valuables they are offering money for include:


  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Old watches
  • Old coins
  • Diamonds
  • Gemstones


People can bring any item to sell whether it is made of gold or not. The buyer can look at it and tell them whether it is worth money or not. They take no risk and they can leave with extra cash in their pockets. You can make some extra money and help your friends and neighbors with what they need most these days: extra cash.


Some of the things buyers are looking for include:


  • Scrap gold
  • Gold jewelry
  • Broken jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Silver and gold fixtures
  • Medallions
  • Gold coins
  • Gold chains and bands

Now is the Time to Host a Gold Party
By admin August 18th, 2011

Now is the time to host a gold party because of the record prices that gold is selling for. The economic turmoil and the uncertainty about the future have convinced many investors to buy gold this has driven prices to new highs. On Aug. 18, gold was selling for $1,817.81 an ounce on the commodities exchanges.


You will not get this price for the gold you buy if you host a party that is the price a troy ounce of pure or 24 gold sells for on the exchanges. Most of the gold at parties is lower karat gold which contains less gold. A 9 karat ring for example would only contain 33% gold but it could still be worth several hundred dollars.


All the publicity the price of gold is receiving in the media right now is free publicity for your gold party. People are thinking about gold and wondering if they should sell it. This means you should have no problem getting your friends and neighbors to come to such a party.


Hosting a gold party is also a really good way to help your community. Times are tough and many people are hurting because of unemployment and poor returns on investments. A gold party is a great way to help them help themselves by taking advantage of the high prices.


You can also help yourself because you will get a percentage of the proceeds from the gold buying if you host a party. The company that hosts the party will provide a gold buyer and even pay for the refreshments including beer and wine. All you need to provide is a place to hold it.


A gold party can also help your community organization, your school, your church, your favorite charity or your child or grandchild’s sports league. Any organization can benefit from the proceeds of a gold party.


The price of gold can help you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community and your cause if you host a gold party. You should hurry though because many experts think the price of gold will soon fall. The sooner you hold the party the better able you will be to take advantage of the price of gold.

Gold Parties as a School Fundraiser
By admin August 15th, 2011

A gold buying party can be one of the best means of raising money for your school or school district. Such an event is one of the few fundraisers that does not have to cost you or your organization any money. It is also one of the few such events that can actually put money into the hands of participants.


The Challenge of School Fund Raising Today

In today’s economy, schools face a terrible dilemma. Budgets are being cut forcing students and parents to pay for many services and items formerly covered by tax money. Yet many families have less money to pay for such things because of the economy.


In recent years, many districts have cut funds for band, athletics and other activities formerly funded by taxpayers. To make up the difference PTA and other organizations have had to resort to fundraisers. Unfortunately these rarely work because people in the community simply do not have the money to support them because of the poor economy.


To make matters worse fundraising events can often cost a fortune. Much of the money raised ends up being spent on expenses or worse sent away to whatever company organizes it. Groups often end up spending more on efforts than they actually collect for the cause


If this was not bad enough, many people are simply burnt out by all the canvassing for funds these days. People are sick and tired of buying cookies or band candies. It is also difficult to ask families dealing with unemployment or foreclosure to cough up cash for school-related activities.


A Gold Party could be the Answer

There is a way that parents or teachers could raise money for the school that could cost little or no money. Best of all of this method could actually put money into the pockets of cash strapped community members and raise cash for activities.


The answer is to throw a gold party, such a festivity is an event where a professional buyer comes and purchases valuables such as jewelry, coins, diamonds, gemstones, watches and items made from precious metals. In addition to gold the buyer also purchases silver and platinum.


The organizer of the event receives a cut of the proceeds from the sell of the items purchased. The guests receive cash for gold and unwanted items such as broken jewelry and old coins. An organization could help both the school and the people in the community at the same time.


Not only can parents help the school but so can grandparents, friends, neighbors, staff and teachers. Instead of sending kids out to pester individuals for money they do not have, a group can put some money into people’s pockets.


These events are also a great way to generate good will because people will get actual cash for unwanted valuables rather than stale band candy. The guests can decide whether to keep their share or donate it to the school.


A Free Fundraiser

Best of all such an event does not have to cost the PTO, band, sports team, PTA or other group a cent. All they need is a place to hold it. A gold party company will actually provide the buyer and even the refreshments for the party. Since schools already have gyms, auditoriums and classrooms available such groups should have no problem finding a location.


All a person that wants to help her children’s school raise money has to do is contact such a company. That firm will do the rest and a person can hand a check to the principal or the coach instead of feeling guilty asking neighbors for money they do not have.

Partying for Gold
By admin March 30th, 2011

It is actually possible to make money by holding a party. Best of all this party doesn’t involve the selling of Tupper ware or any sort of pyramid scheme so you won’t drive your friends away. Instead, your friends will be happier than ever because both you and your guests can make a few bucks from the party.

The party is called a gold party and it helps you and others generate a little extra cash by selling gold and other valuables. Best of all it won’t cost you any more and nobody will take any risks. Instead of being bored by a sales presentation, your guests can leave with a few extra bucks in their pockets.

You can even stage such an event on behalf of a charity such as a community group or a house of worship. It is a great way to raise money without asking your friends and neighbors for money that they don’t have.

How it Works

The price of gold and other precious metals is now so high that buyers are having a hard time getting enough of it. That’s why they’re resulting to unorthodox means like gold parties.

The way such an event works is pretty simple. You organize it and provide a place to hold it such as your home or a church hall. You contact the gold party company and arrange for the party. Then you invite everybody you know to come and bring their valuables.

When the day arrives, the organization you work with provides a professional appraiser. That’s an expert who knows the price of gold and other valuables. The guests bring their valuables, the appraiser looks at them and if the items are worth money he makes a cash offer for them.

The guests are under no obligation to sell anything. If they don’t like the offer they can take their things home.

If they like the offer they can get some cash. You or the charity you are working with get a cut of the cash. It’s that simple and it actually works.

To add icing to the cake many of these organizations will even provide drinks and snacks for the party. It’s simple and it works.

Where to Find Gold Party Organizations

The best place to find a gold party organization is online.  There are several companies that organize and host these events in all areas of the country. You should be able to make contact with one by going online and doing a simple search.

Then all you have to do is organize the party and send out the invitations. The buying organization that you are working with should do the rest.

Gold Parties Continue Helping Charities
By admin March 22nd, 2010

In a previous post Premiere Gold Parties mentioned how gold parties are helping good causes raise funds across the nation.  We’re happy to report that the trend continues with gold parties helping out southeast divisions of the Alzheimer’s Association, Domestic Animal Services, Senior Wish Program, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Gulf Coast Humane Society.  One gold party representative stated “It seems to be cyclic, gold is at one of the highest points it has ever been, so we have two different sets of folks coming in, those needing to sell it because of a down economy and those who are saying they haven’t worn a piece of jewelry in forever.”

If you’re looking to raise a lot of cash for your charity or fundraiser Premiere Gold Parties is ready and able to make your gold party a success.  Simply contact one of our reps and we’ll take care of all the planning.  The best part about hosting a gold party charity event is that guests actually leave with cash in their pockets and Premiere Gold Parties will donate 10% of all sales to your charity.  It’s a win win situation for hosts, guests, and especially charities.  Contact us today to start planning your gold party charity event.

College Students Turn Their Gold Into Cash
By admin February 26th, 2010

With exams, internships, and community service projects being a college student can be tough, especially on your wallet.  If you just spent your last $10 bucks on pizza, need to buy new textbooks, or just need a new outfit for your sorority’s next date night why not throw a Premiere Gold Party and turn your old jewelry into serious cash?  Throwing a Premiere Gold Party is a great way for sororities to host a social event and raise money all at the same time.  Whether you need to raise money for members, trips, and even charities Premiere Gold Parties will make sure all the party planning is covered from invitations to food and drinks and we guarantee your guests will leave with the highest payouts for their gold jewelry.  Premiere Gold Parties are also a great success with campus clubs looking to raise money.  If your campus club is hosting a fundraiser then we’ll give 10% of all proceeds to your good cause.  Looking for ways to bond with the girls in your hall?  Premiere Gold Parties creates a fun and social atmosphere where girls can share stories about pieces of jewelry and get to know each other.  If you’re interested in hosting a Premiere Gold Party or a Premiere Gold Party Charity Event then contact us today!

Gold Parties Help Out Communities
By admin February 22nd, 2010

Hosting a gold party fundraiser or charity event is easy, fun, and a great way to earn serious cash for your special cause.  How are gold parties helping out your community?  The Hope for Animals Cat Sanctuary in Bellingham, MA is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter run by volunteers that recently raised significant funds by hosting a gold party fundraiser.  Members of the community simply brought any of their broken or unwanted gold and silver items, were paid for their items in cash, and had a percentage of all sales donated to Hope for Animals.  In Lake Katrine, NY The Community Services Committee of the Ulster County Board of Realtors held a gold party charity event benefitting victims of domestic violence with proceeds being used on emergency housing needs and counseling for women and children at the Family Shelter.  One charity attendee stated “This is a great opportunity to get cash for holiday bills, winter fuel or taxes, while also helping an important cause at a time of real need.”

If you’re looking for ways to raise funds for your church or religious center, sports team or club, school, youth group, animal shelter, and more contact us today!  We’ll take care of planning the entire event and it won’t cost you a dime.

Throw a Gold Party and Raise Money For Haiti
By admin February 9th, 2010

Is your organization, school, church, or office looking for ways to help out Haiti?  Response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti has been remarkable with many people and organizations offering funds and assistance.  However, victims of the earthquake are still in need of food, water, medicine, and shelter.  A simple and easy way to quickly raise significant funds to help support those in distress and need in Haiti is to throw a Gold Party Fundraiser!

Just last week the public was asked to stop by a local gym in Madison, Wisconsin with any of their old or unwanted gold jewelry and items.  Gold buyers were present to test items brought in by individuals and a large portion of all proceeds were donated to the American Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.  By contacting Premiere Gold Parties we can help your cause to create a successful gold party charity event for those in need in Haiti.  We will plan the entire event, you will incur no expense, everyone will receive top dollar for their gold items, and we will donate 10% of all sales to your charity organization!

Contact us today to do something amazing for those in need.

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