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Still Looking For A Great Job? Become a Rep!
By admin April 8th, 2010

Of the roughly 14.8 million Americans who are unemployed and looking for work, 23% have been unemployed for longer than a year!  Ingrid Schroeder, director of the Pew Fiscal Analysis Initiative stated, ”The likelihood of finding a job declines as the length of unemployment increases.  Federal data suggests that workers who are jobless for the longest duration incur the largest reductions in weekly earnings upon returning to work.”  Yikes!

If you’re currently unemployed or just looking for a way to make extra income Premiere Gold Parties would love to have you as a gold party representative.  Premiere Gold Parties will provide you with training, leads, and unlike other companies that require reps to lay out their own money to pay guests at gold parties we’ll even cover overhead costs.  Not only  are our reps in constant demand they also have the advantages of setting their own schedule and being their own boss.  If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you then contact us today!

Why I Became A Premiere Gold Parties Representative
By admin November 11th, 2009

I have a good job but there always seemed to be some extra expense coming up that could leave my monthly budget tight. I thought about getting a part time job at a store or restaurant but committing my precious few free hours to standing around someplace that I didn’t want to be made eating the generic brand of peanut butter and bread for dinner a couple nights a week not so bad.

Then I got an invite from a friend to her gold party. It came at a great time! I’d just gotten a nail in my tire, and had to replace it so I was hoping to get some extra cash from a few pieces of gold jewelry that an old boyfriend had given to me. The gold party was fun, I actually caught up with a few old friends and I thought that the offer to buy the gold jewelry that had been sitting in a drawer was very generous. More than enough to pay for that new tire.

A few days after the party I got an email about becoming a gourmet kitchen gadget rep. I liked the idea of earning extra cash working a night or two a week. The fact that I would be meeting new people and working in such a social atmosphere really seemed nice. Then I found out about the huge investment I would have to make to get my “Starter Kit”. I was thinking about investing the extra money I got from my gold at the gold party, then it hit me. I called Premier Gold Parties and they did have an opportunity for Party Reps.

I went through training on how to weigh and test gold jewelry, my initial investment to become a rep was extremely small, there are no heavy samples to lug around from party to party, they hand me gold party leads from their top ranking website, and best of all there are no high pressure sales.

Since becoming a Premiere Gold Parties Representative I have met a lot of great people. I love throwing the parties with the hosts and I only eat a peanut butter sandwich for dinner if I want to! I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

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Hi Joyce, I just wanted to tell you that, although we had a small group, we had such a good time at my Gold Party last night. My husband and I felt that Eric did such a great job and even my 13-year-old son was so impressed with the whole process and enjoyed being ''taught'' by Eric. I would love to schedule another party for mid-January and if possible, request Eric again.

                 --Karen R., New York

Premiere Gold Parties
Premiere Gold Parties


I was a little hesitant at first and didn't know what to expect, but I’m so glad I got over my initial hesitation! My friends had a great time and I made over $1,800.00 in a night!

                 -- Jody, Atlanta, Georgia

Premiere Gold Parties
Premiere Gold Parties

Meet Joyce, Our Gold
Party Coordinator!

My name is Joyce and I'm the Gold Party Coordinator for Premiere Premiere Gold PartiesGold Parties. You have my promise that I'll do everything I can to make your party fun, easy, and profitable! If you are interested in hosting a gold party, call me at 516-513-0830 and let's talk! My team of professional gold party planners handle all the party planning so it's a lot easier than you think, and with the price of gold at record-setting prices you can make a lot more than you'd expect! Between the free food, drinks, and leaving the party with cash, you'd be shocked at how much fun a gold party can be! Call today and ask to speak with "Joyce." I look forward to talking with you!